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Japanese deli-style comes to Pasadena’s South Lake restaurant row

Japanese deli-style comes to Pasadena’s South Lake restaurant row

Delicatessen by Osawa is the brand new brain child by Owner Sayuri Tachibe and Executive Chef Shigefumi Tachibe of Osawa Pasadena (inventor of 80’s fusion-food TunaTartare genius) nestled among the rich selection of restaurants in the South Lake area of Pasadena.

Photos by Monique A. LeBleu ~ Inari Sushi at Delicatessen by Osawa, Pasadena, May 23, 2017.

With apprentice Executive Chef Tetsuya Osaki, they are serving contemporary deli-style Japanese food in a comfortable, elegant décor for lunch and dinner patrons both. Delicatessen has “Grab & Go” pre-packaged Shokado, Sozai Mixed, Salmon Miso and BBQ Chicken Bento boxes, as well as fresh sushi, Spicy Tuna, Battera, cucumber avocado rolls and the ever-ubiquitous California Roll. The deli-style, hot and cold items for custom boxes, salads & Donburi rice bowls. Super fresh foods.


Go vegan with chilled deli items such as the Sweet & Spicy Marinated Tofu, the Ginger Cucumber salad with cucumber, mizuna, endive and cherry tomato in a ginger lemon vinaigrette, & the Slow Roasted beet salad of really tender-sweet red and golden beets with frisée, kale, balsamic vinaigrette, the latter being my personal favorite. There is also the the Kale & Spinach Ohitashi dotted with quinoa, sesame seeds, bonito flakes & kizami wasabi, assorted Inari sushi of sweet soy inari tofu pouches, rice & fish of the day.

The hot items like the Kushi Tofu & Chicken Dumpling of ground chicken, tofu and vegetables with a Usukuchi soy sauce, the Potato Croquette & the crisp & smooth Crab Cream Croquettes, both of which are shareable panko-crusted, lightly-fried comfort foods, along w/ the Kushi Pork Katsu and the Chicken Karaage, a Japanese style fried chicken served with sriracha sauce. The Braised Beef Niku Jaga is a hearty, home-style stew of thinly sliced beef, potatoes & carrots. Very hearty!

Stealing the show: the Nanban Zuke or Japanese Escabeche of Mackerel stir-fried with the Trinity: fresh-cut julienned red & yellow bell peppers, onions & celery, tossed with a soy ginger vinaigrette (prepared here by Chef Osaki) Lots of salads! Fresh.

Delicatessen by Osawa, 851 Cordova Street, Pasadena, CA 91101, 626-844-8788.

Video by Monique A. LeBleu. Music: Hold On A Second, John Deley & the 41 Players, Licensed Creative Commons, YouTube.