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‘Lyla’ charms in two part solo comedy, confronts adult bullying head-on

Actor and social activist Jeffrey Wylie returns to Hollywood Fringe Festival (HFF) 2017 as Lyla KaRug with his award-winning original “Texas Loves Lyla” and its sequel “Lights, Camera, Lyla!”

Photos by Monique A. LeBleu ~ Jeffrey Wylie as Lyla KaRug in “Texas Loves Lyla!” at the Sacred Fools Theater, Hollywood, June 9, 2017.

Lyla KaRug, with her Lucy-red coiffure and bubbly social media personality, enters the interweb spotlight in “Texas Loves Lyla!” Wylie likens to Lyla to “Minnie Pearl,” and along with sequel “Lights, Camera, Lyla!” the country-gal-from-backyard-to Big-Time themed productions address adult bullying head on.

“I hate to break it to you, but sometimes the adult world can be as mean and petty as school. Sometimes I think from deep down inside we never grow up from being our teenage selves,” —Lyla

Jeffrey Wylie as Lyla KaRug in “Texas Loves Lyla!” at the Sacred Fools Theater, Hollywood, June 9, 2017.

Loaded with charm (and style) Lyla lends her sweet and inspired “Oprah-eye-zin’” insights to web callers who are faced with various kinds of adult bullying—unsupportive families, fat and appearance shaming, mean-spirited neighbors and co-workers, and anti-gay cruelty.

“I started out writing it to my 15 year old self. But about 15 years ago I experienced everything in dealing with Shirlene,” said Wylie of one of the voice characters, which is based on a real life experience with a business partner.

“Lights, Camera, Lyla!” takes place six months after Lyla saves a gay teen from committing suicide during the first live webcast of her radio call-in show. Lyla soon finds herself an internet sensation, and on the verge of becoming the next Oprah. But the stakes are bigger, and so are the bullies.

Although written about ten years apart, the two pieces fit together well, with part two being more minimalist in set but high in visual media content along with quick and fabulous costume chang

Jeffrey Wylie as Lyla KaRug in “Lights, Camera, Lyla!” at the Sacred Fools Theater, Hollywood, June 9, 2017.

es. Wylie, also a director and producer of shorts and a cinematographer on web series “Where the Bears Are,” includes multiple comic shorts that show Lyla’s birth and rebirth while Lyla navigates through a corrupting spotlight, a casting-couch bully and other Hollywood predators.

With “Texas Loves Lyla!” winning Best One Person Show of Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012, together with “Lights, Camera, Lyla!” as a second act, the two promise to be an effective and complete solo powerhouse combining comedy, charm and common sense head smacks.

As is, the fresh, funny and oh-so-timely Lyla Saga will make you laugh, cry, and hopefully inspire us all to stop taking the shit dished out by those who very likely can’t take it.

Lyla at Hollywood Fringe Festival

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